List of Burkinabé writers

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This is a list of Burkinabé writers.

François Djobi Bassolet (d. 2001), journalist, historian, and cultural leader
Angèle Bassolé-Ouédraogo (1967– ), French-language poet, Ivorian-Canadian journalist and poet raised in Burkina Faso[1]
Jacques Prosper Bazié (born 1955), poet[Gikandi]
Nazi Boni (1909–1969), politician and writer[Gikandi]
Sarah Bouyain (1968– ), French-Burkinabé writer and film director
Simporé Simone Compaore (born c. 1956), French-language playwright[2]
Augustin-Sondé Coulibaly (1933– ), French-language novelist, poet and critic[3]
Bernadette Sanou Dao (1952– ), politician, poet and children’s writer
D. Jean Pierre Guingané (1947– ), playwright, actor and director[Gikandi]
Frédéric Guirma, writer and politician
Zarra Guiro (1957– ), French-language autobiographical writer[4]
Ignace Ansomwin Hien (1952– ), novelist, poet and storywriter[Gikandi]
Monique Ilboudo, politician and writer[Gikandi]
Pierre Claver Ilboudo (born 1948), French-language novelist[5]
Sophie Heidi Kam (1968– ), French-language poet, playwright and novelist[6]
Sandra Pierrette Kanzié, French-language poet[7]
Joseph Ki-Zerbo (1922–2006), politician, historian, writer and activist
Amadou Koné (1953– ), novelist, playwright and short story writer[Gikandi]
Gaël Koné (1976– ), French-language poet[8]
Honorine Mare (1972– ), French-language poet and academic[9]
Roger Nikiéma (c.1935– ), French-language journalist, novelist and poet[10]
Suzy Henique Nikiéma (1983– ), French-language novelist[11]
Kollin Noaga, pseudonym of Ernest Nongma Ouedraogo, politician, novelist and playwright[12]
Dim-Dolobsom Ouedraogo (1897–1940), intellectual[13]
Titinga Frédéric Pacéré (1943– ), griot, historian, museum curator and French-language writer[Gikandi]
Bernadette Sanou Dao (born 1952), author and poet
Adiza Sanoussi, French-language novelist[14]
Etienne Sawadogo, French-language novelist[15]
Marie-Simone Séri (born 1954), French-language autobiographical writer also connected with Côte d’Ivoire[16]
Jean-Baptiste Somé, novelist[17]
Malidoma Patrice Somé (born 1956), writer about religion, currently residing in Oregon, United States
Maxime Z. Somé (1959– ), academic, politician and novelist[18]
Norbert Zongo (1949–1988), assassinated newspaper publisher, editor, journalist and novelist[Gikandi]

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^ Johanne Melançon, Lucie Hotte, Introduction à la littérature franco-ontari

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