Hey Petrunko

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Hey Petrunko

Studio album by Ooberman

3 March 2003


Dan Popplewell

Ooberman chronology

Bluebell Morning EP
Hey Petrunko
Carried Away

Hey Petrunko is the second album by Ooberman, released in March 2003 on the band’s own Rotodisc label. It was recorded and produced by the band.
Three singles were released in support of the album – Running Girl, Beany Bean (not featured on the album itself) and First Day of The Holidays. In addition, a mini-album with Running Girl as the lead track, and an EP centering on Bluebell Morning were released. Where Did I Go Wrong? was issued as a single under the pseudonym The Sentinels, retitled Memoirs of a Cunt.


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Track listing[edit]

“Hatch Opens” (Popplewell)
“Bluebell Morning” (Popplewell/Flett)
“Running Girl” (Popplewell)
“Dreams In The Air” (Popplewell)
“Where Did I Go Wrong?” (Popplewell)
“Hand That Gets Burnt” (Flett)
“SnakeDance” (Popplewell)
“Open The Hatch” (Popplewell)
“Cities That Fall” (Flett)
“Abstract Sky” (Popplewell)
“Petrunka’s Dream” (Popplewell/Churney)
“First Day of the Holidays” (Popplewell)
“Secret World” (Popplewell)
“The Clearing” (Popplewell)
“Summer Nights In June” (Flett)


Sophia Churney – vocals
Andy Flett – guitars
Steve Flett – bass guitar
Jaymie Ireland – drums
Dan Popplewell – drums, vocals, guitars, violin, piano, keyboards, programming, recorder and Irish whistle

Additional players[edit]

Andrew Carpenter – violin and viola
Geoff Churney – voiceover
Liz McIlwaine – cello
Paul Walsham – drums

Engineered, produced, arranged, mixed and mastered by Dan Popplewell. Drums recorded at Elevator Studios by Tim Speed, and at Great Northern Studios by Rob Ferrier. Everything else recorded at Ooberman HQ, Liverpool between December 1999 and October 2002.
Hey Petrunko was created on the following instruments:

Tacoma acoustic [guitar]
Mexican Telecaster
Liz McIlwaine’s cello
Canon BJC 80 Printer Beep
Gibson Les Paul
Fender Jazz Bass
£20 Chinese violin
Andrew Carpenter’s 1899 Strad copy
Andrew Carpenter’s Gresswell Viola
Alan Kelly’s Yellow Tambourine
Skinnie’s Fender Precision Bass
Roland VS-1680 (on every track)
Mike Doyle’s Prophet 5
Tim Speed’s Juno 106
Geoff Churney’s Bechstein Grand [piano]
Mike Doyle’s Hammond B4

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